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Giordano Lombardo is CEO and Group CIO of Pioneer Investments. Prior to his appointment as CEO in February 2015, he held the position of Deputy CEO since 2012. He has been Group CIO, responsible for global investment activities, since 2001 and has been with Pioneer's parent company, UniCredit Group, for over 20 years.

A Fork in the Road for Europe: Investing Post-Brexit

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” Seneca A few days after the Brexit vote, which caught most people by surprise, us included, we believe that there are two questions which really matter for investors: 1) Will policymakers … Continue reading

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Opportunities for Value Investors

Current market and economic conditions are extremely complex. Structurally low growth, high global debt, and very weak inflation expose the global economy to vulnerabilities and downside risks. Central banks, although remaining vigilant on financial stability, are progressively losing effectiveness, and … Continue reading

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Get Used to Volatility

What are the reasons that are driving the equity market correction in early 2016? The ongoing market correction is, in my view, a combination of different factors; macroeconomic and technical. As already happened last summer, financial markets have become more … Continue reading

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Summer Turmoil: No Reason to Panic, But Keep A Defensive Stance

What’s Happening In Global Financial Markets? The recent weakness of Chinese equity markets is spreading into risk assets around the world. Developed Markets, initially resilient to Renmbimbi devaluation, are now pricing in the deflationary effects of China’s slowdown on Emerging … Continue reading

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Greece: No Widespread Panic After Painful Weeks

The Greek saga escalated over the weekend, with Premier Tsipras calling for a snap referendum. Investors around the world are asking, what’s next? Next Sunday, the Greek people will technically be voting on the terms offered by the trio of institutions … Continue reading

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