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3 Things that Could Make European QE More Likely

1. Economic data and Political Instability: Recent economic data continues to disappoint. Meanwhile, the political situation in Russia could create adverse headwinds for surrounding economies, notably Germany. The ECB should surely be concerned by these developments.

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European Equities: How to align your stars in 2015

2014 has not been the year we expected for European Equities. Despite delivering positive returns, the asset class has been shrouded by on-going macro concerns and news flow. Could the stars be aligning for 2015? With greater ECB commitment, a … Continue reading

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ECB Meeting: Quantitative Easing is coming, but will it benefit bonds?

Today, at their monthly interest rate meeting, the ECB announced no significant changes to their monetary policy settings. Market expectations had recently shifted from expecting an immediate start to sovereign Quantitative Easing (QE), to looking for a signal that sovereign … Continue reading

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When it Comes to the Markets, Maybe Some Rain is a Good Thing?

Not surprisingly, we’re seeing a market correction. My metaphor for this is – If you go a month without rain, you’re due for some, but there can be no certainty about when it will actually start raining. We’d gone a … Continue reading

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Are Low Job Claims an Omen for Faster Job Growth?

Last week in the capital markets was a “risk-off” week. We saw more signs that manufacturing is driving moderate economic growth. There was also some good news for the “residential investment” component of gross domestic product (GDP). It’s shaping up … Continue reading

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