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Market Sentiment Improved Despite Negative Data from the U.S.

The weak U.S. non-farm payroll report on October 2 ultimately led to a relief rally in riskier assets, as the probability (over 50%) of a move in interest rates was pushed off until March of 2016. In addition, oil prices … Continue reading

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How Will Developments in China Affect U.S. Investors?

On August 11, the Chinese government devalued the renminbi (RMB) for the first time in 22 years. Resulting global market volatility has been significant – but what implications might this turmoil have for the U.S. equity market? Our research indicates … Continue reading

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Summer Turmoil: No Reason to Panic, But Keep A Defensive Stance

What’s Happening In Global Financial Markets? The recent weakness of Chinese equity markets is spreading into risk assets around the world. Developed Markets, initially resilient to Renmbimbi devaluation, are now pricing in the deflationary effects of China’s slowdown on Emerging … Continue reading

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China: A Crisis of Confidence?

The tightening measures implemented by the Chinese authorities on margin financing, used by Chinese retail investors, may have curbed margin activity in recent weeks. Despite having fallen by more than a third from its peak levels, participation in domestic equity … Continue reading

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Chinese Rates – What’s Next?

A View from the Emerging Markets Desk Following several months of disappointing inflation data, the Chinese Central Bank moved to cut rates on Sunday. The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) cut the benchmark interest rate by 25bps, the third cut … Continue reading

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