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Strong Jobs Report Joins Improving U.S. Employment Trends

According to the “establishment” survey, payroll employment rose 257k in January; November and December were revised higher by +147k (257k+147k=406k). The normal annual review resulted in 2014 being revised higher by 245k. (Note: the 147k Nov-Dec revision is part of the … Continue reading

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Mind the Gap

Economic fundamentals (the “real economy”) have been struggling to catch up with the buoyant behavior of financial markets and, eventually, these diverging patterns (gaps) will have to be reconciled. On the economic side, the main global structural imbalances (a mountain … Continue reading

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The FOMC Holds Steady as Markets Hit a “Tipping Point”

  Observations on the Capital Markets – Week Ended August 1, 2014 The FOMC met last week, expressed satisfaction and maintained course. While their policy decisions (continue the taper—now $25b—and keep the Fed Funds rate where it is) were no surprise, the … Continue reading

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EM Update: Central Banks & Monetary Policies

Pioneer’s Head of Global Asset Allocation Research, Monica Defend, recently released an in-depth macro report on Emerging Markets. Here are some of her updates on EM monetary policies. You will find a link to the full report at the end. … Continue reading

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An Accommodative Fed and a Strengthening Economy Outweighed Geopolitical Fears

Observations on the Capital Markets – Week Ended June 20, 2014 Iraq news didn’t spark a flight to safety and it’s not yet clear whose side we’re on (or should be on). Fed policy seems to be on autopilot, which … Continue reading

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