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A Multi-Asset Response to Rising Bond Yields

Balanced Strategies Desk Reema Desai looks at three ways the team believes alpha can be generated against an environment of rising yields. Reema also outlines what investors might consider going into Q3 2015

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Greece at Centre Stage: Can we Expect Market Normalisation?

European Investment Grade Credit Markets have been erratic during the first half of the year, as economic volatility has continued to the end of Q2. Alessandro D’Erme explores the potential market changes in this environment and how they could impact … Continue reading

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3 Things the European Investment-Grade Fixed Income Team Talked About Last Week

  1. Inflation – Down Down, Deeper and Down Perhaps the reason that global bonds initially rallied was that the Renminbi (RMB) move was seen as a global deflationary move. A weaker RMB (and other Asian currencies) should mean weaker commodity … Continue reading

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Making sense of the Chinese devaluation

Last week’s headlines were dominated by China. But why did China devalue? We shared our initial thoughts in this piece, China Devaluation: Initial Thoughts. Here are our key observations if you have not seen this piece yet:   What happened? … Continue reading

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Diversified Income Investing: Managing Volatility in an Environment of Rising Yields

Reema Desai, Client Portfolio Manager, analyses the pertinent question: As bond volatility remains high, how can income investors manage drawdowns as markets adjust to an environment of higher yields? This video outlines the outlook from the Global Multi-Asset Target Income … Continue reading

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