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Sam Wardwell, CFA, is Senior Vice President and Investment Strategist at Pioneer Investments. He joined Pioneer in 2003.

A Wild Ride in The Markets Last Week

Margin calls? A short squeeze? A panic? Whatever the combination, it was a wild ride in the markets last week. Bond yields rode a roller coaster, ending slightly lower. The Barclays Aggregate and BoA Merrill Lynch High Yield (MLHY) Indices … Continue reading

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When it Comes to the Markets, Maybe Some Rain is a Good Thing?

Not surprisingly, we’re seeing a market correction. My metaphor for this is – If you go a month without rain, you’re due for some, but there can be no certainty about when it will actually start raining. We’d gone a … Continue reading

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A Strong Employment Report…But Not Strong Enough to Change Fed Policy

Last month, I said the “weak” job report would not deter the Fed. Despite a strong monthly employment record for September, the Fed did not accelerate its pace of tightening. The data can be volatile, and seasonal factors (e.g. local schools … Continue reading

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Are Low Job Claims an Omen for Faster Job Growth?

Last week in the capital markets was a “risk-off” week. We saw more signs that manufacturing is driving moderate economic growth. There was also some good news for the “residential investment” component of gross domestic product (GDP). It’s shaping up … Continue reading

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“Don’t Fight The Fed” Has Been Good Advice in the Past

The Fed’s statement from its meeting last week contained few surprises but was slightly hawkish on a close reading. “Don’t fight the Fed” has been good advice in the past.  Maybe it’s different this time.  Maybe not. The year-end 2015 … Continue reading

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