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Michael Temple is Senior Vice President, Director of Credit Research at Pioneer Investments. Michael is Portfolio Manager for Pioneer Dynamic Credit Fund. He joined Pioneer in 2002.

A Quick Summary of the SEC’s New Money Market Rules

Last Wednesday, the SEC approved amendments on money market fund (MMF) rules. My colleague, Seth Roman, a portfolio manager who specializes in the sector, summarized the areas of reform as they relate to institutional and retail money market investors. I … Continue reading

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2013 A Pretty Good Year

This time last year we were bullish about equities and positive on the slow but steady strengthening of the economy. The market did not disappoint. The economy was almost heroic, you might say, with its performance enduring government sequestrations and … Continue reading

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What Happens if the Government Shuts Down and Nobody Notices?

Yes, this is a facetiously philosophical title (what is the sound of one hand clapping?) that pokes fun at the current situation in Washington. And we’re well aware that if Republicans and Democrats can’t reach a compromise in a couple … Continue reading

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